Redeem System

The Redeem System by RE:DREAMER is a platform built on the Redeem Protocol, offering innovative products that provide users with various benefits. These products include:


  2. RE:VIVE

  3. Redeem Console

The Redeem System is designed to be developer-friendly, secure, and flexible, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take advantage of the benefits of e-commerce on Web3.

In Redeem System, we only do the 3 things.


Based on the blockchain's features, Redeem System can validate the ownership of a redeemable NFT. When the redeemable NFT's owner wants to redeem an asset or service, Redeem System will validate the redemption with validators.

The validators can be blockchain's smart contracts and Web2 services.

  • PASSPORT's Validator with API Key

    • Point of Sales (POS) machine

    • Vending machine

    • Mobile apps

  • Redeem Protocol Smart Contracts

    1. Interacts with smart contracts.

    2. Broadcasts the transaction on the chain.

    3. Redeem System listens to the smart contracts' events and updates the status of the redemption.


Redeem System provides Redeem as a Service, which means that an NFT is not only a digital asset that can be traded on the blockchain but also can be redeemed for a physical asset or service. So we need to ensure that all of the redemptions are authorized by the NFT's owner, and Redeem System will validate the redemptions.


Redeem System is a middleware between the Web2 system and Web3 smart contract, so our most important mission is to let each other can integrate smoothly, swiftly, and easier. They don't need to know the full domain know-how and also can build the business model with others.

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