PASSPORT, an integral component of the Redeem System developed by RE:DREAMER, enables users to utilize their NFTs to redeem a variety of offerings, including physical goods, QR codes, promo codes, and more. By leveraging PASSPORT, not only project owners but also anyone can effortlessly provide utilities for NFT collections, while NFT holders can enjoy a smooth and secure redemption process.

Utility Providers

In adherence to RE:DREAMER's Utility Standard, both individuals and companies can serve as Utility Providers, offering utilities for NFT collections. The Utility Standard outlines the supported utilities within PASSPORT, initially including physical goods, QR codes and text. However, our vision extends to encompass a broader range of utilities in the future. The Utility Standard document is currently under development, but please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any inquiries regarding the utility types.

Campaign based Model

The PASSPORT service operates on a campaign-based model. This implies that the utility provider has the ability to define various campaign configurations, including the start and end dates, the maximum redemption limit for the utility, and the smart contract address of the eligible NFT collection.

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