Utility Apps

RE:DREAMER has created two apps, the RE:VIEW iOS App and the Shopify App, to facilitate the operational aspects of the redemption process. The RE:VIEW iOS App allows for seamless validation of QR Codes generated through the PASSPORT service. Additionally, with our Shopify App, Shopify Store owners can effortlessly enable NFT holders to redeem items available for sale in their store.


The RE:VIEW iOS app is currently in progress as we work towards listing it on the iOS App Store. If you are interested in using this app, we encourage you to reach out to us at contact@redreamer.io for more information.

The RE:VIEW iOS App streamlines and optimizes the validation of QR Codes generated via the PASSPORT service. In a tokengated event scenario, NFT holders have the ability to exchange their NFTs for a QR code, which serves as a secure digital ticket. To verify entry, the Event Organizer scans the QR code using the RE:VIEW iOS App. If the QR code is validated successfully, the individual is granted authorized access to the event.

Shopify App

The RE:DREAMER Shopify app is currently under development. If you're interested in using this app, please reach out to us at contact@redreamer.io to express your interest.

The RE:DREAMER Shopify App empowers Shopify Store owners to offer NFT holders the opportunity to redeem their NFTs for items available for sale within their store. Through our Shopify App Dashboard, store owners can designate specific items that can be redeemed using NFTs. On the other side, NFT holders can select the desired item for redemption, connect their wallet to validate NFT ownership, proceed to checkout, and successfully complete the redemption process. Our reporting dashboard enables store owners to verify the occurrence of redemptions, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Once NFT redemptions are confirmed, store owners can fulfill the orders by shipping the related items.

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