RPT Distribution

This page will be preserved to provide the vesting information to visitors following the old links. For latest and more detailed description please refer to Redeem Protocol DAO (launching soon) For previous version, please see https://docs-2022.redreamer.io/the-ecosystem/rpt-distribution

UPDATE 2023 May 11th

  • Re-allocate Protocol Builder and Accelerator for better clarity.

UPDATE 2023 Mar 8th

  • Create a Protocol Builder allocation of RPTs to power the design, build and support of Standards and Protocol.

    • From Ecosystem and Accelerator Fund.

  • Release the allocation for lab holding and the remainder of teams to Protocol Builders, making the DAO more decentralized

  • Reorganize the funding sections, separating each rounds (Angel, Seed, Private, Public)



Founders & Partners

Founders and founding partners.

Angel Sale

50M Tokens for Pioneer NFT claiming. The first batch believers and builders, closed Feb 2022. (0.02 U/RPT in average)

Seed Sale

50M Tokens for Pioneer NFT - Settler Variant The early adapters on the new standards. Unique selling point established and product ready to scale up.

Private Sale

50M Tokens - TBD. Prepare for grand launch and official distribution of tokens

Public Sale

40M Tokens - TBD. Aim for general adoption.


50M Tokens strategic cooperators, investors and advisors

Accelerator Fund

Early stage boost for developers, curators, service providers, incentive program encouraging people to join and contribute to Redeem Protocol DAO

Protocol Builders

Tokens allocated for builders participating in the development of Redeem Protocol, mrNFT standards, tools and infrastructures of the DAO, and maintenances.


RPTs releasing into RPG to support the circulation under community consensus.

>> Liquidity Pools, Staking Rewards, Uility Reward, Ambassador Programs

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